Food Processor VS Blender: Which one should you buy?

Cooking Healthy meals can be time-consuming if you don’t have the right appliance. But sorting through the many kitchen appliances and deciding which one you need can be a daunting task, especially if you’re investing in expensive appliances.  Blenders, Food Processors, Kitchen mixers and even that nifty little avocado peeler can be hard to navigate which appliance or gadget you need. If you’re starting out with cleaning eating, you may not want to invest in all these costly appliances. 

It’s a good thing we have plenty of technology to make creating protein balls and healthy veggie soups quick and easy, but do you really need both a Food Processor and a Blender? They both have similar functionality but are suited to different recipes.

To help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve broken down the functions, pro’s and con’s of each to make that decision a little easier. 


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Food Processor VS Blender

Recipe Food Processor Blender
Chopped Vegetables
Nut butter/Pesto
Bread Dough
Homemade flour
Shredded Fruit/Vegetables


Food Processors

Food Processors are an electric kitchen appliance with a processing cup fitted with a steel blade. Most Food Processors also come with added shredding/grating blades. They can range from compact designs with 3-Cup Processing capacity and up to higher end 16-Cup Processing Capacity.  

Food Processors are handy appliances for speeding up meal prep, whether you’re shredding potatoes for hash browns, kneading dough for bread or blending vegetables for purees. Food Processors are also ideal for blending oats, quinoa and seeds into finely textured flours.  

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Why Purchase a food processor:

If you have a large family or a busy individual and need meal prepping done quickly, food processors are a great choice for time efficiency. They are great for people who make many homemade dips, pestos, pie/pizza/bread doughs and chopped veggies. 

Reasons to not purchase a food processor?

If you have limited kitchen space and  are only looking to make soups and smoothies, a blender would be a better kitchen appliance choice.

Food Processor Recommendations: 

The Food Processor we recommend is the Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor. With its large 14-Cup capacity, mid-range pricing and multi-functionality it is the ideal food processor for families, couples and professionals. For those on  a budget we recommend the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Snap and Stack food processor. An equally as impressive food processor with an easy to use lid, large cup capacity and durability it is ideal for students and small families. 



Blenders are electric kitchen appliances with a narrow plastic or glass jar fitted onto a motor base. The vertical design creates a vortex that allows ingredients added to pass through the blades more often that in a food processor. This helps to create smoother blends and aerate purees. Blenders can range from high end, durable, multi-functional blenders, to smaller, blenders that are suitable for single serve, on the go smoothies. 

Why Purchase a blender: 

Blenders are the ideal appliance for creating quick smoothies for on the go, smooth soups and icy margaritas. Anything that is liquid is more suited to a blender than a food processor. 

Reasons not to purchase a blender: 

If you’re looking to make more recipes other than purely soups and smoothies, a food processor is the more appropriate appliance. Chopping hard fruits and vegetables are not suited for blenders and could potentially damage the blender if it is a cheap/non-durable model.

Blender Recommendations: 

The Blender we recommend is the Vitamix 5200 as it is the ultimate in creating soups, smoothies, alternative flours and nut butters. 

For those on a budget, our top pick for Best Budget Blender is the Ninja Professional Counter-top Blender, which is not only affordable, has a large blender jug and powerful motor for ice-crushing. 

Overall Recommendation for a Blender or Food Processor

Food Processors generally have more uses than a blender for those who cook and follow recipes for main meals whereas Blenders are only for soups and smoothies. If you’re meal prepping/ cooking for a family, then a food processor would be the best purchase. For people who make smoothies more frequently than other meals, a blender is an appropriate choice. 

If you’re having trouble deciding, why not purchase the Oster Pro 1200 Blender plus Food Processor. It’s a blender, food processor and smoothie blender all-in-one appliance. 






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